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Using Heatless Methods with Hair Extensions

The Beaty Sleep Curler & Extensions:

Yes our heatless curling kits can be used with hair extensions! In fact, we would highly recommend using heatless tools with your extensions over hot tools. This will expand the lifespan of your extensions and keep them healthy for much longer. Enjoy flawless curls that help to blend your extensions, while also avoiding damaging heat.


How to use your Heatless Curler with your Extensions:


step 1: dampen hair.

Spray your hair and clip in extensions or tape in extensions with some water combined with moisturizing oil. You want a damp texture, not wet and not completely dry.

Tip: We highly recommend Irresistible Me’s hair extensions! They are the best:


step 2: twist.

By using the halo method, place your heatless curler on your head. Twist your hair strand by strand around the curler and fix the ends with your scrunchies (included in your curling kit).


step 3: keep overnight.

Keep your curler in overnight or for a few hours, until your hair is completely dry. Gently remove the curler and use your fingers to separate each curl.

Fun fact: the texture of curly hair is actually perfect to hide the clips of the extensions, so the blending process is so much easier!




Silk Pillowcases & Extensions:

If you are wanting to keep your extensions looking their healthiest for as long as possible, a silk pillowcase is a must!


Silk pillowcases are soft and smooth, preventing any friction during your sleep. This helps to minimize any tangling with your hair extensions, keeping them soft and healthy. The less tangling, the longer your extensions will last!


Silk is also known to not retain moisture. Cotton and satin will pull the natural oils from your hair, as these are fabrics that lock in moisture. Silk does not do this, which means all of the healthy oils and moisture will stay within your natural hair and extensions. This keeps your extensions look as shiny as the first day you bought them!


Tip: using your skinny scrunchie that comes in our Silk Sleep Kits and putting your hair and extensions in a loose pony while sleeping will keep everything extra secure and in place during your sleep.


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